Smudge Pops

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Smudge Pops: The Smudge Pop, is already a best-seller! Karacotta Ceramics took everything they love about their original Smudge Bundles - the palo santo, homegrown rosemary and herbs, and fresh flowers, and turned them into the Smudge Pop! They're bound together with a proprietary blend of air-purifying local beeswax (so good for your home + soul!) and herbs, and should burn for around 100 cleansings. Each pop comes with a how-to booklet, and a cotton carrying bag, for each smudging!   

Karacotta Ceramics works to bridge the gap between ‘aspirational’ and ‘possible’. Karacotta Ceramics believes that a beautiful space cultivates creativity and a richer life experience, and that everyone deserves to live and work in a space they truly adore.