The Enchanted Moon (Hardcover)

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The ultimate book of authentic lunar ceremonies, spells, mythos, and science, The Enchanted Moon will transform and inspire you. Bestselling author Stacey Demarco reveals the alchemy of lunar science to show you how moon cycles work for magic, balance, health, and self-realization and how ancient and modern rituals will help you get the most power from those cycles. The Enchanted Moon includes authentic meditations or spells for every one of the 28 phases of the moon, crystal suggestions for each moon phase, gardening by the moon guidelines, and a handy 15-year chart of full, dark, and new moons for easy reference. Let the beliefs of the goddesses, gods, and sacred animals of the moon guide you toward a better life. This book also serves as a complementary reference book to the Queen of the Moon Oracle.

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