The Little Book Of Self-care For Pisces (Hardcover)

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About the Book

It's time for a little me time--powered by the zodiac. By tapping into the the twelve sun signs' astrological energies and personalities, The Little Book of Self-Care series brings cosmic relief to everyone's life with more than one hundred relaxing and rejuvenating self-care ideas tailored to their individual signs. The Little Book of Self-Care for Pisces provides information on self-care, the inherent intersection between self-care and astrology, background on water signs (Pisces' element), Pisces-specific self-care guidance, and more than one hundred activities tied to Pisces and water signs. From listening to your favorite playlist to getting a relaxing foot massage, Pisces will find plenty of ways to heal their mind, body, and artistic spirit. 

Book Synopsis

Everything you need to know about self-care--especially for Pisces!

Take Time for You, Pisces!

It's me time--powered by the zodiac! Welcome star-powered strength and cosmic relief into your life with The Little Book of Self-Care for Pisces.

While Pisces may value community, this book truly puts you first. Let the stars be your guide as you learn just how important astrology is to your self-care routine. Discover more about your sign and your ruling element, water, and then find the perfect set of self-care ideas and activities for you.

From savoring a home-cooked meal to creating a personal altar, you will find more than one hundred ways to heal your mind, body, and active spirit. It's stellar self-care especially for you, Pisces!

About the Author

Constance Stellas is an astrologer of Greek heritage with over twenty-five years of experience. She primarily practices in New York City and counsels a variety of clients, including business CEOs, artists, and scholars. She has been interviewed by The New York TimesMarie Claire, and Working Woman and appeared on several New York TV morning shows and national radio programs. Constance is the astrologer for HuffPost and a regular contributor to Thrive Global. She is also the author of several titles, including Sex SignsHow to Be an Astrologer, the Astrological Self-Care series, and more. Learn more about Constance at her website,, or on Twitter (@StellaStarGuide).

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