Essential/ Aroma Oils

People use essential oils to open the mind, enhance spiritual connections, and invite inspiration.

Essential oils can tonify the chakras, meaning they bring the positive gifts forward and help bring balance to the shadow aspects. They offer the stable foundation onto which we can consciously craft our inner and outer world.

Additionally, physical pain and discomfort can quickly lead to an overwhelming sensory and emotional experience that dulls the spirit. Indeed, spiritual pain—pain and distress caused by an inability to find sources of hope, meaning, love, and peace during life circumstances that conflict with deeply held beliefs—can be an incredibly disruptive pain in and of itself.

Inhalation of calming essential oils can reduce one’s response to pain and provide much-needed, soothing relief. As an interesting aside, scientific research suggests that people who regularly attend spiritual practices are more likely to use positive coping strategies and experience less chronic pain.



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