Nitiraj Incenses

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Nitiraj Platinum Natural Incense.

White Sage: Traditionally used by Native Americans to ward off evil spirits & negative energies. The fragrance is considered sacred & is perfect for cleansing & purifying.

Nirvana: Transcend the physical plane & reach Nirvana, a state free from desires and suffering. Advance on your path to enlightment. 

Frankincense: Traditionally used in ceremony and rituals in many cultures for thousands of years. This natural incense is made by combining ground frankincense resin with charcoal that is rolled onto a bamboo stick.

Lavender: When life wears you out, relax with this soothing fragrance of freshly picked lavender. 

Dragons Blood: A rich sensuous fragrance from the dracaena family of palm trees. The aroma is subtle sweet and resinous.

Patchouli: The aroma that defined the 60's also known as the hippie fragrance with its musky, sweet notes. 

Prosperity: This mix is combined with a special blend of oils and herbs that are formulated to help the user live a life of abundance.

Sandalwood:  Indian sandalwood with its uniquely sweet, woody fragrance transports you to the temples of India.

Kama Sutra: The aroma of sweet jasmine blossom and night queen fill the air with a promise of sensual pleasures.

English Rose: Experience an English rose garden with this delicate aromatic rose fragrance.

Meditation: Calm the active mind with this blend of sandalwood and heena, scents traditionally used by sages in India.

Om: The sacred Om symbol represents the sound vibration that created the universe. This ancient Sanskrit script is found in temples and homes throughout India. 

Ganesh: A sweet and spicy aromatic blend created to honor lord Ganesh, he brings good luck and removes obstacles.

Goddess: Exotic aroma of wild flowers in honor of Tara, the female embodiment of the Buddha, protecting and compassionate. 

This slow burning incense is made using the finest natural resins, honey and aromatic wood powders, combined with aromatic oils. A fair trade product hand crafted in India using sustainable natural ingredients.

One 25 gram box/ About 17 sticks.