Ametrine Tumbled Stone

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Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst & Citrine. It combines the healing powers of both materials. Ametrine is a powerful & protective crystal known as the stone of contentment & spirituality. It is a natural stress reliever and has a soothing and relaxing effect while encouraging inner strength. This stone has such a strong energy that it is able to transform negative energy into pure positive energy. Citrine is known as the "Success Stone" and helps to attract good luck, wealth, success and abundance by emitting warm and peaceful vibrations. 

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye & Crown 

Zodiac Sign: Libra & Gemini

Element: Fire & Wind

Vibration Number: 4

Please note: This is only a brief description of the crystal or stone. Each Crystal & stone carry additional healing properties, including but not limited to physically, spiritually, metaphysically &/or emotionally.

**Lucero Astral’s crystals & stones are high quality. Her distributor currently holds a mining contract directly from the mines in Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and/or Peru.

**All crystals & stones vary in size & shape.