Black Sage (Mugwort)

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3-4'' Black Sage

Divination, Lucid Dreams & Purification

Black Sage is also known as Mugwort sage, it is found in the mountains of the West Coast from California north through British Columbia. Black Sage is a sacred plant used for physic vision and vivid dreams. This is an herb that can be burned during divination sessions for yourself and clients. It can be used to raise the vibration in a space. Burn some in your bedroom before bedtime to have restful sleep and to induce vivid/lucid dreams. Black Sage is used during Shamanic rites for astral projection, shamanic journeying, protection, and prophetic vision.

ALL SMUDGES IN LUCERO ASTRAL SHOP are absolutely sustainably harvested from private land located in the mountains of California. When you buy from us you support the preservation of these sacred plants. Smudge sticks are bundles of herbs. Smudging generally refers to the practice of burning herbal material. It can be done for practical reasons or for spiritual or ceremonial purposes. When burned, smudge sticks give off a resinous smoke, which is said to burn up toxic energy and bring things back into balance. While frequently used to cleanse places, smudging can also be used to cleanse people and objects. Aside from an increased sense of calmness, the benefits also include increased well-being, clarity, optimism and physical energy.