Labradorite Tumbled Stone

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Labradorite is the stone of transformation and change which promotes feelings of inner worth. It is highly mystical and heightens intuition and enhances psychic ability. It absorbs negative energy then transforms it to a warm postive energy. Labradorite is also known to strengthen the aura by sealing it and protecting from energy leaks. It helps when facing a challenge by providing strength and perseverance until success. It is especially useful when dealing with an addiction or trying to break unhealthy habits, and it it used by many as part of twelve step program. 

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo

Element: Water

Vibration Number: 6 & 7

Please note: This is only a brief description of the crystal or stone. Each Crystal & stone carry additional healing properties, including but not limited to physically, spiritually, metaphysically &/or emotionally.

**Lucero Astral’s crystals & stones are high quality. Her distributor currently holds a mining contract directly from the mines in Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and/or Peru.

**All crystals & stones vary in size & shape.