Last Full Moon Ritual of The Year

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The Moon represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition and a spiritual connection.

Unlike the New Moon, the Full Moon is a time to be receptive, to take the light and awareness of spirit into your emotional and physical body. Full moons are symbolic of unity, manifestation and completion — both physically and metaphorically. 

It's a spiritual & sacred way to cleanse, release, heal & open our doorways to new opportunities & new beginnings. 

As the 2023 New Year approaches us, we may want to sit back and reevaluate our lives at this point. We may want to let to go of the old and welcome the new. New ways of thinking, new ways of perception, new goals, a new way of being. And that means letting go of all that no longer serves us- unwanted emotional baggage, unwanted/unhealthy habits, unwanted thoughts, etc.

It all starts within us. 

During this last Full Moon Ritual of the year 2022 we'll be gathering together in a moon circle to release it all as a whole. In ancient communities, this circle was used to call in the divine feminine, and as a way of grounding, centering, and receiving higher wisdom.

Lucero Astral welcomes you and your loved ones to this life changing ceremony where you'd walk out feeling refreshed, uplifted and renewed to welcome the New Year 2023.

If you want to empower your energy even more, Lucero Astral also invites you to join the New Moon Vision Board Night to set your intentions for the upcoming New Year 2023. More information about this event will be up within the next few days. Stay posted on the event calendar.