New Moon Vision Board Day (12/23 IN-PERSON DAYTIME)

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We all want some sort of change in our lives. Whether it's just a small part of you that's calling for a new change or a whole new life that you are ready to embark. We want this New Year to be about change and the start of a new beginning in our lives. Whether it's in love, business, or personal goals, now is a wonderful time to start planting new seeds and become the person you truly aspire to be.

During my workshop, we will be discussing and sharing our thoughts, ideas, & experiences all with the purpose to inspire one another. I truly hope to have the opportunity to meet you & be able to assist you as you embark your new chapter in life.

Why is there a difference in price for the in-person and online?

Well, the answer is quite simple. The experience & interaction won't be the same. In-Person will involve physical activities and physical engagement whereas via Zoom, the interaction will take place behind a screen. Plus, the supplies & materials will not be included via Zoom.