Opalite Tumbled Stone-Large

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Opalite is a stone of success and longevity. It opens the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic and intuitive abilities. When used in meditation, opalite induces visions. The same increased intuition and psychic powers that guide good fortune in business ventures also empower greater spiritual communication. Highly energetic, opalite removes blockages and increases your sense of self-worth. It boosts self-esteem, giving you the confidence and persistence to continue moving forward. This gem is one to keep nearby during times of transition. Additionally, opalite will energize your physical and emotional bodies, providing the push necessary to manifest and achieve your dreams. Natural Opalite shares the same qualities as opal. This means that it's a powerful stone for emotional healing and energy amplification. Opalite is known for its ability to soothe emotions and bring a sense of peace. It's also said to be helpful for those who are dealing with grief or loss. As a stone of love, it is also said to enhance sexual energy and increase feelings of passion. If you're looking to spice up your love life, opalite may be the stone for you.

Chakra(s): Crown & Third Eye

Physical: Opalite is said to be helpful for those who are struggling with addiction. If you're trying to break an unhealthy habit, Opalite can help to support your efforts.

Emotional: Opalite is known as a stone of change and transformation. It's said to help with the transition from one phase of life to the next. This makes it an ideal stone for those who are going through big changes in their lives, such as a move, a new job, or a relationship change.

Spiritual: As a stone connected to the crown chakra, Opalite is said to be helpful for those who are on a spiritual journey. If you're working on your spiritual practice or expanding your consciousness, Opalite can help to support your efforts.

Zodiac: Cancer

**Lucero Astral’s crystals & stones are high quality. Her distributor currently holds a mining contract directly from the mines in Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and/or Peru.

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