Phantom Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Phantom-Crystals are said to represent the past, present, and future selves of an individual. They are also believed to symbolize growth, transformation, and new beginnings. Phantom Quartz crystals are ideal for moving into the archives of the past. Through meditation attunement, one can work with these stones to tap into the Akashic records with great specificity. Phantoms can make it easier for inward journeyers to specify the goal of their search. Such goal can include-but are not limited to- retrieving information from forgotten past civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. Phantom Quartz assists one in tuning the mind for receiving information from the morphogenic fields of knowledge containing all history. The field of one's past includes the memories, wisdom, and knowledge of one's previous incarnations. Phantom Quartz is also good for cleansing one's aura field and environment of negative energies. It can also initiate contact with spirit guides and inner teachers. 

Keywords: Awareness, Access to Akashic records, morphogenic fields, and past life memories, connection to spirit guides, energy cleansing
Chakra(s): Third Eye (6th) & Crown (7th)
Element: Water
Physical: Aids in healing issues that appear as "echoes" of past-life traumas
Emotional: Encourages one to free oneself from bonds to past-life patterns. 
Spiritual: Opens the spiritual archives of past knowledge and past lives. 
Zodiac: Scorpio

**Lucero Astral’s crystals & stones are high quality. Her distributor currently holds a mining contract directly from the mines in Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and/or Peru.

**All crystals & stones vary in size & shape.