Smokey Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Smokey quartz is a powerful grounding & stabilizing stone which helps relieve depression & elevate moods. It helps to remove negative energy, relieves stress & fear, Helps to convert them into positive emotions. As a calming stone, smokey quartz is considered to be a stone that promotes serenity. It can be be useful at work or at home as it can help everyone feel clear headed during meetings where there are stressful situations or intense discussions. Smokey Quartz also helps those who suffer from nightmares to replace them with peaceful dreams. 

Chakra: Root

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn & Sagittarius

Element: Earth

Vibration Number: V2 & 8

Please note: This is only a brief description of the crystal or stone. Each Crystal & stone carry additional healing properties, including but not limited to physically, spiritually, metaphysically &/or emotionally.

**Lucero Astral’s crystals & stones are high quality. Her distributor currently holds a mining contract directly from the mines in Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and/or Peru.

**All crystals & stones vary in size & shape.