Soapstone Smudge Bowls

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Smudge Bowls

These decorative little Soapstone Smudge Bowl has been hand sculpted from natural black soapstone. It is believed that soapstone creates a positive, calming energy which has a soothing effect on anyone working with it. It also makes a great charcoal burner. Just fill the bowl with sand, light your charcoal, and burn your favorite resin incense or loose herbs. Please allow for slight variations, as these are handmade items, using natural materials.

Available In

Vrinda: 5'' Long/1.5-2'' Deep/Weighs: 1.5lbs

Black: 5'' Long/1.5-2'' Deep/Weighs: 1.3lbs

Celtic: 5'' Long/1'' Deep/Weighs: 1lb