Stone-Tan Leather Wrap- 3mm

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A supple tan 3mm leather wrap adorned with semi-precious rondelle stones. It can be worn around your wrist or as a choker.

Length is approximately 38" and has a brass tube closure.

Available In: 

Multi-Colored Amazonite: Amazonite possesses a warm, soothing and calming effect which is especially useful in stressful situations. It is able to help with emotional distress by calming one's mind in the wake of any emotional trauma.

Matte Wood Opalite: Opalite removes blockages and increases your sense of self-worth. It boosts self-esteem, giving you the confidence and persistence to continue moving forward.

Faceted Green Aventurine: Green Adventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. It is a soothing stone that helps comfort, harmonize, and attract love into one's life. It brings luck and many will keep a piece in a cash box or drawer at work to help attract money. 

Made in United States of America