Yarrow Flower- Organic

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Associated with Venus. Used for exorcism, love, spiritual enhancement & psychic powers.

Dark blue essential oil, extracted by steam distillation of the flowers, is generally used as an anti-inflammatory or in chest rubs for colds and influenza.

-Hang in bundles to give thanks for life and spiritual energy.
-Yarrow flowers are used in rituals involving love, courage or healing.
-Hanging a bundle of dried yarrow flowers over the honeymoon bed is a traditional charm to ensure a long and loving marriage.
-If you are trying to re-establish contact with long-lost friends or relatives, incorporate yarrow into your spells to draw their attention to you.
-Carrying yarrow flowers with you will help give you courage and dispel fear. A small charm bag with yarrow might be handy before giving a speech, or going to a job interview.

Use to dispell melancholy, negative energy, lingering sorrow, or depression. Carried as a sachet or amulet it repels or rids of negative influences. Aids in divination. Good remedy for colds. Opens the pores and purifies the blood. Said to prevent baldness as a hair wash.


****PLEASE NOTE: Lucero Astral is not a certified herbalist/healthcare practitioner so it is highly recommended you consult with a qualified/certified Herbalist/Healthcare Practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.